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Our staff list at Northville Parks and Recreation can be viewed by sorting the list below by column heading.  Simply click the column heading (i.e. Title) and the interactive feature will sort alphabetically
in A - Z or Z - A order.  Use any of the column headings to sort and search.
The default sort is alphabetical by Staff Member Last Name.

Last Name First Name Title Email Phone
Northville Parks & Recreation Front Desk 248-349-0203
Recreation Center at Hillside 248-349-0203
Northville Community Center 248-305-2851
Gasche Mark Director of Parks & Recreation 248-449-9941
Golles Alyssa Recreation Specialist 248-305-2731
Donovan Beth Youth Lacrosse Coordinator 248-449-9948
Dutkiewicz Keith Youth & Adult Basketball Coordinator 248-305-2877
Gabbeart Charlie Adult & Senior Softball Coordinator 248-449-9947
Heidt Cody Parks and Facilities Supervisor 248-756-0635
Dobson Erin NCC Transportation Coordinator 248-449-9934
Cameron Pam Senior Services Specialist 248-305-2852
Jostes Sue Youth & Adult Volleyball Coordinator 248-305-2871
Coker Shannon Recreation Supervisor-Operations 248-305-2880
Lesmeister David Recreation Supervisor - Programs 248-449-9949
Alandt Amy Recreation Coordinator - Seniors 248-305-2873